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Student Testimonials

Curtin University, Sarawak Malaysia

Farah Nazsardar, Pakistan
B.Com in Accounting & Finance - 1st year

Peshawar-born Farah Nazsardar, who first heard of Curtin Sarawak through the internet, and friends says she has visited Miri twice before. However she was pleasantly surprised to see what a nice place Curtin Sarawak Campus is. Farah likes the style of lecturing in Curtin where the lecturers have better communication with the students. “The one-on-one tutorial is very effective. The lecturers are very helpful. They know everyone personally and we are like their friends.”

Hasnat Noorchowdhury,Bangladesh
Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical Engineering), 2007 - current
It’s been two years since I first arrived at Miri Airport and a Curtin Sarawak staff member brought me to my campus accommodation. Since then, I have been very pleased with how things have gone for me here. I have found the academics here to be outstandingly professional and organized, and along with a very healthy learning environment on the campus, have made my coursework enjoyable.

The numerous extracurricular activities provided by at the university and the various student clubs have also helped me enjoy campus life here. Joining Curtin Sarawak has not only enhanced my academic standards but has also helped me realize my creative talents and improve my leadership, organization and communication skills.

Iqbal Dato Haji Selamat, Brunei Darussalam
Mass Communications, 3 years
International students would find themselves at home at Curtin Sarawak. It is fun to study at Curtin. There are a lot of activities which students could get involved in. Various clubs have been set up in the university mainly to help students to socialise with each other and in addition, improve one’s social skills. I am an active member of Curtin Volunteers! and Students Council. Over time, such activities helps to build one’s self-confidence. Interaction among students gives a more homely feel and eliminates homesickness as there is a bond being shared by the students regardless of their nationality.

The small lecturer-student ratio allows more interaction and one-to-one discussions between student and lecturer. Lectures go uninterrupted as the attention span is more focused.

Phikisani Moyo, Zimbabwe
Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting & Finance), July 2007 - December 2010
The love, care, respect and support we got from all the staff, management, lecturers and the Miri residents were unprecedented.It motivated me and my family and brought a huge relief to my parents. At least now they know that their sacrifices did not go down the drain. My parents have been more proud of me than they have been before and just recently my father confessed to me that he came close to tears of gratitude at the way we were treated, the awards I received and the speech I made and the whole stay in Malaysia. The conduct of the African students was as if they had seen their own parents and this left an impact on my parents because they have always talked good about the student life at Curtin as the standards of good behaviour.

Riaz Osman Ismail, Kenya
Mechanical Engineering, 4 Years
Coming to Malaysia meant a great shift in events for me and perhaps has played a key role in shaping me into who I am now. Often I have heard of Malaysia as a country with lucrative tourist destinations, it is only when I came here that I got to see it up close. A welcoming feeling was immediate. I suppose the best hospitality I have ever come across in all my travels has to be attributed to Malaysia. My decision to study in an international university here was governed mainly by the cost involved. While my friends who left to study in Europe struggled to make ends meet working part time, I am delighted to say that this has been less of an issue here.

Studying in a country with ethnic diversity in such great harmony has exposed me to new cultures and a rich learning experience. This is perhaps the most important factor that has helped other internationals like me to easily adjust to the new environment. My study life here has been met by the often jovial and stressful times as experienced by students studying away from home, but it is the exceptional nature of the environment and the people that have held me together. At this point, I eagerly anticipate unravelling more from a country with a spirit of “Malaysia Boleh!”

Shawn Adler, Australia
B.Com in Accounting & Property, 2nd year

Shawn was from Curtin Bentley Campus in Perth, Australia before deciding on coming to Curtin Sarawak Campus. “I had little knowledge of Sarawak but I was attracted to come here. My biggest surprise was the remoteness of the place and the “night life” of cosmopolitan Miri. It’s a definitely good cultural experience.” Shawn was also amazed at the exceptionally high standard of teaching in the campus here, which he describes as comparable, if not better than in Bentley. “For the simple reason that the number of students per class is small, the teaching is therefore, very personalized, making it easier for me to interact with the lecturers,” said Shawn.