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Creative Empowerment at The One Academy: students guided by Animation Expert on facing field challenges

May 15, 2013 | Campus News

During a sharing held exclusively for The One Academy’s aspiring digital animators, students learned how to endure challenges by unraveling boundaries with the how-to’s shared by Ng Aik Sern, a Company Director of a renowned animation studio called Passion Republic.

With his expertise in the creative digital animation field, including his aptitude in running an animation studio, students were injected with an abundant of inspirations. Ng’s speech was down-to-earth, allowing the younger minds to grasp the content he was explaining about maintaining the right attitude to face challenges in a creative career, especially in facing day-to-day experiences in the digital animation field.

To further inspire students, Ng shared an array of digital animation works under Passion Republic list of prominent clienteles. In one of his most prominent works, Ng recalled that it required him to take several shots of water droplets dripping down on a surface just to be able to capture the right result. “You need to have faith when you are doing projects. You need to remember to be creative in your work, and learn to make use of resources around you,” said Ng.

Digital animation students at The One Academy often engage in projects to produce cutting-edge animation works; it is common for students to go through a long process of learning experience that requires them to acquire deep understanding and patience, in order to have what it takes to create better results.

With this, Ng’s advice on patience came in handy for the students. Ng said “Projects can be complicated in the process; it is a long process that’s for sure.” He added that students should always remember the fun in learning during each project, because each project contains a priceless learning express.

According to Ng, content of a design is important. Based on the examples he has showed, students learned that a design work needs to have real strong content, not just nice designs. A design work has to be rich in story that is able to deliver its message.

In the midst of his sharing, Ng also shared about how Passion Republic came to be; it was derived from the initiative of gathering a group of passionate and artistic people, while developing a tight knit relationship like a healthy family. Hence, Passion Republic; quoting Plato, “a place run by artists for artists” he said.

With years of experience in the digital animation field, Ng Aik Sern is constantly at The One Academy, guiding students- the future generation of the animation industry.  On the other hand, Passion Republic shares one thing common with The One Academy- it is not just a top notch creative institution, but the place meant to call for young creative aspirants and nurture them into world class results.

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