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TAR University College A Level Student Emerges as ASEAN Scholar

June 6, 2013 | Campus News

TAR University College, formerly known as TAR College, has built a stellar reputation for its holistic education that has helped many students to reach their highest potential for over 4 decades.  Today, the tradition of excellence continues to flourish and this is clearly shown in Tang Chee Hwa, an A-Level student of School of Pre-University Studies (‘SPUS’) of TAR University College who has achieved a rare feat.

This lad recently earned the ASEAN scholarship, as he did extremely well in the examinations, was selected and had performed well at the interview.  Scoring 4A* in the recent A Level November 2012 examination, the young chap certainly gave others a run for the prestigious ASEAN scholarship. 

Armed with an impressive A Level results, he applied the ASEAN scholarship which is offered by the Singapore Government to allow high-achieving students to pursue tertiary education in the island state.  As part of the selection process, an interview is required to gauge the applicant’s strength and the same went for Chee Hwa.  At the interview, Chee Hwa impressed the interviewers by doing an in-depth research on the field that he was interested in and shared about his passion and reasons in pursuing the course.  “The interviewers asked me many questions but if one is genuinely passionate about something and works hard to achieve it, nothing is impossible,” said Chee Hwa.  Chee Hwa quietly applied for the scholarship on his own and he used his own judgment and communication skills to do well in the interview.  

Just before he leaves for Singapore, he was invited to share his experience with fellow juniors at School of Pre-University Studies (‘SPUS’), Chee Hwa then took the opportunity to talk to them about his experience as a student.  Speaking of TAR University College learning environment, this young lad was quick to attest that the SPUS reading room, parks and the library were some of his favourite places to spend time learning and sharing knowledge with friends.  He also thinks that the lecturers at TAR University College are truly a formidable force, as they are really committed to teaching and imparting knowledge to the students and advising students about important matters such as how to study smart and score in examinations. 

He intends to read Food Science and Technology at National University of Singapore (NUS) as he aspires to be a food scientist conducting researches on food micronutrients and food processing technology in order to inform society to live healthily with healthy eating.  He is leaving for Singapore in mid-July and commencing class at the National University of Singapore (NUS) in early August 2013.

SPUS at TAR University College has the track record in producing excellent A-level high achievers and many have been admitted into some of the world’s top universities such as, University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, University of Manchester, Imperial College London, Cardiff University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University, University of New South Wales, Australia National University, to name a few.  This is indeed a testament to the teaching quality at the University College.
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