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The One Academy Graduates’ Creative Passion Continues to Contribute to the Creative Communit

July 26, 2013 | Campus News

The One Academy graduates strike again as winners of a government-initiated logo design competition that was held by the Majlis Perbandaraan Subang Jaya (MPSJ). According to the organizers, the competition was held with an aim to seek for fresh young minds to contribute their ideas for the rebranding of the 3C Complex, located in Subang Jaya, which is now known as the Children and Community Centre.

Known as the 3C Logo Design competition, this event gave MPSJ a chance to give the complex a facelift and be revamped into a centre for creative development. The purpose of the centre is to provide suitable programmes catered to children, teens, adults, senior citizens, including those of special needs. These programmes are meant to help the community with their personal development through assorted hobbies and interest activities and sessions.

The competition saw top 3 winners, The One Academy graduates and their creative submissions selected by the judges. The winners walked away with RM1000 total cash prize. The prizes were presented by Selangor Menteri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim for their effort in designing top notch logo designs.

The top 3 winners were, William Sii who submitted an innovative and vibrant design, Lee Kim Chin for his creativity designing an amiable and trendy logo design and finally, Lee Soon Cheng for her artistic design with brushstroke-like elements. All artworks submitted were truly attractive that the judges found it difficult to select the best.

Despite stepping into the working world for some time already, these graduates of The One Academy are still passionate about making art and contributing their creative talents to the community. These designers still find time to be part of the creative community.

According to one of the winners, William Sii, he said “No matter how busy we are striving in our career, as designers, we always look forward to these challenges to keep the flame within us burning.”

Their creative interest has led these graduates to look forward to the expansion of the creative community in Malaysia. Thus, by contributing their talents and skills, this makes it one step closer to building a creative nation.

After years of acquiring knowledge at The One Academy and participating in various student competitions previously, these graduates are now emerging designers in the creative industry. They are now a living example of creative professionals turning their hobbies into a career.

Opportunities are not just restricted to careers, but one can find breakthrough in other platforms such as competitions, industry projects, collaborations and more. For these designers, one of it is participating in a competition out of interest. Their passion is driven by their love for creativity and not just because of winnings.

“Competition is good because this is where you can catch up with current art & design industry demands. You learn to improve yourself, showcase your talent and learn what it takes to meet industry requirements,” said another winner, Lee Soon Cheng, who emerged as 3rd placing.

With this dedicated effort, this competition marks the talented artistry as displayed by The One Academy graduates for producing award-winning masterpieces. Truly a world class result!

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