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Free Pre-University Programme to Help Student Amid the Pandemic

September 2, 2021 | Campus News

When the pandemic started, academic institutions across the nation began to adopt online education in the shortest time possible in their attempts to meet educational challenges with minimum losses. As an academic institution, SEGi University always looks forward to allowing its students to become better-informed individuals by participating in thoughtful academic discussions. In addition to SEGi's commitments for success, the university also stresses the widened disparity between the privileged and less-privileged students. More than ever, the institution is now calling for fellow education providers to help prepare our younger generations for future crises.

As many currently grapple with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, SEGi has recently announced an initiative to enhance the educational aspects of community development as the nation works towards an exit strategy from the pandemic. The Free Foundation effort is targeted to equip students who are unfortunately expected to begin their academic experiences during this challenging period. However, SEGi' best intention is to assist students, especially school leavers, to prepare them for the challenges ahead. It is during these times that SEGi stays committed to supporting students who have lost and are susceptible without strong social and financial support. Seeing that the nation is moving toward a foreseeable future, the Free Foundation initiative by SEGi University will position students a couple of steps ahead of everybody else upon enrolment.

Although no one can prepare the world for a widespread pandemic, hope is not a strategy for SEGi University. While education methods have pivoted to online platforms, hybrid pedagogy is here to stay with SEGi, allowing the education to be delivered remotely and digitally. More than ever, there is presently a record high of online movement in the history of national education, with SEGi pioneering distant learning since 2013. Understanding the impact such a shift would have on the education market, the curriculum at SEGi is now embedded with Industrial Revolution 4.0 (IR4.0) to develop necessary skills in their graduates. As an introductory programme that equips students with skills and knowledge, students will be taught and guided by experienced academicians to ensure a solid foundation for success.

Following an elaborated plan SEGi has for students' academic journey, the institution also forges global partnerships with reputable tertiary institutions from the UK and US. SEGi encourages its students to pursue a degree at any of their partner universities such as the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan), Cardiff University, Queen's University Belfast, and Troy University upon completing their foundation studies. Beyond the short-term measures by the Higher Education Ministry, SEGi University is now offering a plethora of free pre-university programmes for students to venture into their chosen field eventually. The Free Foundation initiative is part of SEGi's bachelor's degree programme, intended to nurture future-ready graduates who can create impacts and shape the industries. The foundation programme will present an opportunity for students to partake in an internationally recognised articulation pathway for undergraduate studies.  

COVID-19 pandemic may have disrupted the traditional academic skills, making them feel almost obsolete. Rather than focusing on the impact alone, SEGi University hopes to assemble the influence of distance learning to catalyse an all-rounded education method for students. Major world events usually act as an inflexion point for innovation. SEGi, with its Free Foundation initiative, hopes to be able to play a role in exploring students' greatest potentials amid the COVID-19 crisis. It is incumbent upon all of us to allow for such an opportunity to take place. 

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