Key Personnels

Who's Who in the Malaysian Education Industry

Mr. Gopinathan Saminathan

EMS Language Centre

Mission in Life

Mr. Gopinathan Saminathan mission in life is based on ‘lifelong learning’. Since embarking to the educational industry since the year 2003, it has only made it stronger to discipline himself towards making it a goal in life. Through this way he feels he is able to contribute back to society. The same way Mahathma Ghandhi “change is what the world want to see in you”, he believes in seeing every individual adopt this to ensure that society as a whole will move towards the right direction all the time on every aspect in life.

Contributions to the Institution

Mr. Gopi has been working since the 1984 and started his career in the banking industry until early 2003 and continued his career in the education industry since the year 2003 to present. He feels it’s a calling for change. It was totally a different industry, but his passion for the industry made him learn extremely quick to him.

As a principal since 2012, he carries with him a very heavy responsibility to ensure all compliance and regulations that governs the operating license from the ministry of Education and the foreign student recruitment license from the Ministry of Home Affairs (immigration Section). He has contributed well with the assistance of other personals’ of the institutions and most importantly students and the parents are happy with the institutions product and services.

Contribution to the Education Industry

Prior to working in the education industry, he carries with him 20 years of organizational, operational and management experience. He started his career in the education industry since 2003, working with 2 other colleges and a language centre in various capacities such as marketing, academic/lecturing, international student management and student Affairs. Apart from this he is also contributing via skills development programs as a qualified vocational trainer office (VTO) under the Human Resources Ministry and a qualified Trainer under the British Technology Education (BTEC), U.K.