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Professor, Dr. Graeme Britton

Professor, Dr. Graeme Britton

Raffles University

Professor Britton has over 37 years of experience working in public and private universities in Finland, Malaysia, New Zealand, and Singapore.

My mission is to deliver personalised, experiential, life-long education to the tertiary education market.

Throughout my career I have been a leader in implementing the latest teaching and learning methodologies. I am committed to an experiential learning philosophy. I believe that students should learn by working individually and in small groups to solve practical problems or undertake design projects. Over the years I have learned there is no one best way to help students learn. Hence I taught myself a range of pedagogies and assessment techniques and how to select these in widely varying educational environments. I am experienced in all the major experiential learning approaches, including problem-based learning, project-based learning, collaborative learning, and design-centric learning.

I have over 30 years of experience conducting applied research in industry, including company-specific projects, national projects, and international collaborative research projects. My research has focused on the design of management and computer- aided systems for engineering companies using systems methodologies and General Graph Theoretic Methods. I have developed design methodologies and designed complete and partial management and computer-aided systems for production management, CAD, process planning, and project management.

I developed a methodology with a Finnish colleague, Professor Torvinen, to integrate product design with the design of the manufacturing system to make the products. We published our work in a book titled “Design Synthesis: Integrated Product and Manufacturing System Design” (CRC Press). Our book explains the two methods for achieving design synthesis: integration and harmonisation. The methodology has been proven in a number of Finnish companies.

I have published over 100 refereed papers, book chapters and books. In 2006, I was awarded the higher doctorate, the Doctor of Engineering, for my research excellence in design and manufacturing.

I am delighted to be President of RU. I am committed to building a world class University.

Contributions to Raffles University

As the President, I am both a leader and manager. I keep up-to-date with the latest educational technologies and methodologies and inspire my staff to adopt these. RU has implemented design-centric and evidence-based decision-making education.

The former focuses on the design process. For design programmes, there is at least one design studio each semester. In the business and social science programmes it is being implemented through interactive lectures, field trips, design thinking, and service learning. Students work individually on projects and also in teams.

The latter focuses on the decision-making process and how to gather, present and evaluate evidence in an objective manner.

In addition, we use both techniques in our own processes to manage university operations.

Another major contribution I have made is to implement practice-based curricula. Our students join as novices and leave as young professionals. This is achieved by bringing industry into the University and sending students out into the industry. The results speak for themselves. RUI has a 96% graduate employment rate and 16% of our graduates start up their own companies.

Contributions to the Education Industry

I am a member of the Executive Committee of the Vice Chancellors Council of Private Universities, which has been advising the Ministry of Higher Education on issues relating to the private higher education sector.

I give lectures and seminars to the education industry in Malaysia and internationally on innovative teaching methods and effective business practices for managing educational institutions.

I am an expert in quality assurance in tertiary education. I am Vice President of Raffle Education Corporations’ (REC’s) quality assurance unit. This unit is responsible for quality assurance of REC’s educational institutions world-wide. In this role, I assist Raffles colleges to gain accreditation and advise Government officials on educational standards.