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Stephen Lloyd Griffiths

Stephen Lloyd Griffiths

Deputy Vice Chancellor
International University Of Malaya-Wales (IUMW)

Welcome to all students at IUMW. IUMW as a new university can develop from strong foundations of our “parent” owners, University of Malaya (UM) and University of Wales (UW). My role as DVC is to manage academic and student affairs, which brings me close to students.

IUMW is concerned with securing student welfare, providing relevant and exciting courses which will enhance the employment and further study prospects of all within the University. IUMW also reaches out to employers, government agencies and international stakeholders to evaluate their needs and cater for their future success, by providing graduates and research which will support them. In Malaysia and the rest of the world UM is highly celebrated and is supporting IUMW tremendously with resources, staff and networking connections.

The Wales connection is also very important, another essential part of my role and essential for all IUMW students to be aware of. On the dual award courses which are mapped against those running in Wales, easy transfer of credits, exchanges and articulation are taking place. Dual award graduates receive two certificates at the end of their studies. Even our non Dual Award programmes use UW systems for marking and assessments, with growing links to the UK. With our Dual Award you can spend one semester in Wales, paying no extra fee. Articulation to transfer totally to Wales is also an option many students are considering, with the guidance of their tutors.

Guest lecturers regularly visit from Wales and deliver lectures to all faculties regardless of their specialisation. Exchange students from Wales will be arriving which allows exciting opportunities for friendship and more networking. Joint projects in research are being discussed at the higher levels. IUMW wants to be a base for the appreciation of Wales, its traditions of culture, sport, cuisine and excellence in educational provision. It is an exciting time to be a part of IUMW!