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Bachelor of Science (Islamic Finance) (Hons)

Offered by: International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM)
Exam BodyInternal Degree, Malaysia
Course Duration8 Sem
Part Time/Full TimeFull Time
FacultyKulliyyah of Economics and Management Sciences
Conducted entirely in MalaysiaYes
Level of StudyBachelor's Degree Level
Field of StudyAccounting & Finance
Stream RequirementsArts/Science Stream
Course Description

The Bachelor of Finance (Islamic Finance) programme aims, in line with the vision and mission of IIUM, to impart knowledge and develop the skills required to produce ethical professionals in the fast growing field of Finance, as well as imbue in the graduates Islamic values and ethics that bring out in them pristine character and attitude. Moreover, the BScIF programme aims to produce finance graduates who can eventually take up leadership roles in major organizations in industry and commerce, in academia and in the public sector, with the view of achieving the Maqasid Al-Syariah. The BScIF programme objectives are thus as follows:

•          To produce well-rounded professionals in Finance who are imbued with Islamic values and  

•          To ensure students develop a good grounding in quantitative skills, accounting, economics and
            finance. Islamic perspectives are integrated in all subjects.

•          To develop the students with good communication and soft skills, so that they become
            effective communicators, able to work in teams and be a leader.

•          To sharpen the students’ analytical and critical thinking abilities.

•          To instil in students the desire for life-long learning, so that they can keep they update with
            current knowledge using contemporary technology and resources.

Entry Requirements

The minimum entry requirement for the Bachelor of Science (Islamic Finance) degree is a CGPA of 2.5 and a grade of B (or QPE of 3.00) for the following two courses:                                                                                                                



Course Code

Course Title

Credit Hours


ACC 1001

Financial Accounting Fundamentals                            

3 credit hours


ISF 1101

Foundation of Islamic Finance

3 credit hours


Career Prospects

Students graduating with Bachelor of Science (Islamic Finance) can develop their career in Islamic Finance sector that includes Islamic Banking, Islamic Capital Markets, Takaful, Islamic Wealth Management, Waqf and Zakat. They can also take up leadership roles in major organization in industry and commerce, in academic as well as the public sector. 

All fees are in RM (Ringgit Malaysia) currency unless stated otherwise.

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