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Bachelor of Forensic Science (Hons) #

Offered by: Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) / The National University of Malaysia
Exam BodyInternal Degree, Malaysia
Course Duration8 Sem
Part Time/Full TimeFull Time
FacultyFaculty of Health Science
Conducted entirely in MalaysiaYes
Awarding CountryMalaysia
Level of StudyBachelor's Degree Level
Field of StudyScience (Life Science/Physical Science/Applied Science)
Stream RequirementsScience Stream
Course Description

The forensic science undergraduate program is a professional program that emphasizes the use of science to solve crime. The application of knowledge in various fields of science, especially chemistry and the development of logical thinking, allows graduates to think logically and rationally in the face of problems or cases. Because it is a bachelor's program, students are exposed to basic knowledge to the end. These include the processing of the scene, the selection of important evidence, the processing of the evidence, the interpretation of the evidence, the drafting of the report and the presentation of the report in court. Graduates under the program are eligible to register as members of the Malaysian Institute of Chemistry (IKM) so that the signature of graduates is recognized by the Malaysian courts.

Entry Requirements
i. STPM / Matriculation / Basic

Obtained at least a Grade B (NGMP 3.00) at the STPM / Matriculation / Basic level in the following subjects:

/ Additional Mathematics


ii. Diploma / equivalent

Obtain a Diploma in Science or Health Science from an Educational Institution accredited by the University and Government of Malaysia or the Ministry of Health Ministry of Malaysia (MOH) with a minimum CGPA of 3.50;
Candidates are required to submit academic transcripts from one (1) semester to the last semester;
STPM Graduate Candidates / Matriculation Mathematics / Basic (Not Current Year) / A-Level
Obtained at least a Grade B (NGMP 3.00) at the STPM / Matriculation / Basic / A-Level level in the following subjects:
Chemistry -Mathematics
/ Math Extra
iii. STAM
Not offered
iv. Saluran Kedua
Lulus dengan Kepujian dalam matapelajaran Kimia dan salah satu (1) daripada matapelajaran aliran Sains berikut di peringkat SPM:
Pengalaman bekerja sekurang-kurangnya lima (5) tahun dalam bidang berkaitan dengan Sains atau Sains Kesihatan
Lulus temuduga yang ditetapkan
iv. Bukan Warganegara
Tidak ditawarkan
Career Prospects

This course was created to allow forensic science graduates to work in two major fields. This includes being a forensic scientist and / or chemist. As a graduate of forensic scientists, students will have access to a variety of organizations within the government with enforcement components. These include the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM), the Malaysian Fire and Rescue Department (JBPM), the Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH) and the Maritime Ministry. However, as a chemist, students can work in various government agencies including the Department of Chemistry Malaysia (JKM). Recently, the private sector seems to be starting to offer better options where graduates can become investigators in private, insurance and banking companies.

Because the program structure is self-reliant, optimism and better problem solving skills, graduates can also pursue careers that are not related to forensic science.

All fees are in RM (Ringgit Malaysia) currency unless stated otherwise.

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