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FTMS College

24 - 30, Jalan Hang Kasturi
50000 Kuala Lumpur
Wilayah Persekutuan

Type: Private College

Tel: 603-2302 8470
Fax: 603-2050 9699

Other Campuses

FAME International College

Lot 7691, Lot 16, Kuching Centre Land District Off Jalan Song
93350 Kuching

Type: Private College

Tel: 6082-285 777
Fax: 6082-285 522

Student Testimonials

Michael Draper, Liberia

Business Information Technology, 2.5 Years

As far as I am concerned, Malaysia is one of the best South East Asian countries in recent times to have emerged rapidly in the educational arena in different fields of studies. The standard of education in Malaysia can lead anyone to a better future, regardless of race, culture and religion. During the time I have stayed in Malaysia, I have acquired skills and good knowledge in my field of study at FTMS College, which I have classified to be one the best colleges in Malaysia for now.

Learning in Malaysia especially at FTMS College is very unique as there are good styles of teaching, decent facilities and conducive environment that can motivate anyone to pursue their studies without regret. When researching for courses, I realized that studying at FTMS College in Malaysia is like studying in the UK and USA, because most of the things that are taught in the UK and USA are also taught at FTMS College at the same level . Another thing that I really admire Malaysia for is that the methods and ideas that they use to host foreign student is remarkable. It helps many poorer countries in the world especially Africa, to educate most of its citizens at a reasonable school fee. I am actually satisfied with the standard of education in Malaysia. It is challenging and motivating and can prepare you for the betterment of your future.

Syed Muhammad Haris Alam Jafri, Pakistan

Chartered Institute of Management Accountant (CIMA), 2 Years

Besides providing marvelous lecturers, FTMS College provides a well-equipped library, computer lab, video rooms and classes with overhead projectors. The library has various reference books, the latest text books, pass cards, revision kits and all past year papers for professional studies like CIMA, ACCA and CAT, which help in preparing for exams.

Alongside rigorous academic study, an important element of life at FTMS is enjoying the wealth of facilities and meeting new people. FTMS College is a thriving international environment with a mixture of students from different cultures. FTMS students live, study and socialize together which forms a solid basis for long-term friendships, cooperation and networking.

The international student community at FTMS is becoming more diverse and multi-cultural every year, which has the potential to enrich a student’s educational experience.

FTMS College offers its students a variety of services with the aim of making their stay in Malaysia and their studies easier. The International and Student Services Offi ce is there to help all students with any problem they may have with accommodation, visa issues, etc.

FTMS supports its students’ athletic spirit and organizes athletic tournaments and events throughout each academic year. Moreover, students regularly participate in other tournaments where they represent FTMS College.

Throughout each academic year FTMS organizes many successful parties, recreational and cultural events, which are enjoyed by all students, faculty and staff.