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Surya College Penang, an associate of Vinayaka Missions University, India is a college approved by the Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia. Established in 2008, it is currently nestled at a temporary campus in the heart of Butterworth, Penang at NB Towers. The college offers a variety of academic programmes ranging from Foundation in Science, to Allied Health Sciences such as Nursing and Medical Lab Technology. Although the college is relatively new, the programmes are designed and conducted by highly qualified academics in their respective fields and managed by professional administrators.

Students who study at Surya College will have a ready pathway to continue their studies at Penang International Dental College (PIDC) and our parent university, Vinayaka Missions University (VMU) in India which is recognised by JPA, MMC and MDC for medical and dental programmes. They also have the option of pursuing their studies at other educational institutions locally and abroad in the fields of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, engineering and so on.

Our programmes were developed by a Board of Study which comprises renowned academicians from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia and the parent university, VMU. Therefore students who enroll into our college will be assured of high quality programmes and at the same time, benefit from its well equipped facilities which provide an ambience that is youthful and fun in line with our motto "Learning is Fun".

The Vision of Surya College is to shape the future of health care practice through a well-structured holistic learning platform. The College envisages being a premier allied health college in this region. With a strong backing from VMU as well as from local and regional demands, it aims to be a centre of excellence that offers quality and affordable education to students from all walks of life in the spirit of 1Malaysia.

In terms of financial assistance, the college provides scholarships for SPM high achievers (5A's and above) for the foundation programme and offers assistance in the application of PTPTN loans for the diploma programmes. Apart from that, discounts are also available for students who have participated in sports, debates, public speaking, drama and so on at district /state / national level under the Extra Curricular Excellence Award.

In addition, great emphasis is placed on the needs of the students whereby modern technology is incorporated into the teachings. A self-access library with reference books and materials are also available for the students. The College premise is wi-fi enabled with computer labs for students' convenience. Safety and security measures are also seriously looked into with CCTV cameras installed around the premises of Surya College. As for the hostel, the college provides well furnished shared apartments with security access cards for the students' comfort and safety. Shops, restaurants and a wet market are in the vicinity of the apartments.

Arrangement for student houses, home stays, and personal / group apartments are also provided for the students' convenience and comfort.

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Surya College

Level 17, NB Tower, Jalan Bagan Luar
12000 Butterworth
Pulau Pinang

Type: Private College

Tel: 604-329 2929
Fax: 604-329 2921

Key Personnel

Y. Bhg. Dato’ Dr. S Sharavanan

Managing Director , Surya College

Dato' Dr. S Sharavanan is the Managing Director of Penang International Dental College (PIDC) and Surya College. He is the ex Vice-Chancellor and the current Pro Chancellor of Vinayaka Missions University (VMU), Salem, India.

With VMU expanding rapidly with ventures outside India, Dato' Dr. S Sharavanan has been chosen to spearhead the expansion of VMU in Malaysia. He established PIDC in 2006 which revolutionised dental education in Malaysia by providing an affordable Bachelors of Dental Surgery (BDS) programme. PIDC further set the industry standards by offering affordable treatment in all the nine specialised fields of Dentistry.

PIDC is now recognised as the most affordable dental school offering quality education with the largest clinical material. Apart from this, PIDC's dental clinic offers subsidised dental treatment for the public. The clinic attracts over 1,000 patients a month and it doubles as PIDC's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activity.

Having established PIDC, Dato' Dr. S Sharavanan introduced Health Sciences programmes. He established Surya College in Butterworth which offers pre-university programmes such as Foundation in Science, A Levels and Health Sciences programmes such as Diploma in Nursing and Diploma in Medical Lab Technology.

Bachelor's level programmes in nursing, pharmacy, optometry, occupational therapy, speech therapy and others will be introduced in the near future. To date, Surya College has offered financial assistance of RM1.4 million to its students as part of its CSR initiatives.

Dato' Dr. S Sharavanan is planning to introduce more programmes and courses which will develop human capital and knowledge workers to meet the needs of the country.