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Scholarships Currently Offered in Malaysia

Latest Upcoming Scholarships / Education Funds!

Following are list of available scholarship offered by private and public organisations in Malaysia. Most of the scholarships are offered only to Malaysians while others includes scholarships for international students.

Scholarship/Fund Name Details Closing Date
Datuk Roger Tan Memorial ScholarshipThe scholarship, funded up to RM4 million, aims to provide full/partial scholarships for Malaysian LSE students needing financial assistance, be they prospective or existing students, with the objective of assisting them to pursue their undergraduate studies at the LSE. 6 July 2015
Permohonan Pendidikan Boleh Ubah (PPBU) Scholarship Open to poor Malaysians regardless of race, religion, race and qualified for full-time study at Higher Education Institutions Public / Private (universities / colleges) and the Training Institute of Public / Private (ILA / ILS) in the state recognized by the Government Malaysia Ongoing

Program MyBrain15 adalah salah satu program agenda kritikal di bawah Pelan Strategik Pengajian Tinggi Negara (PSPTN).

5 Mei 2015 - 31 Julai 2015.

Yaw Teck Seng Foundation Scholarship 2015

The Yaw Teck Seng Foundation is set up to provide funds, grants, financial assistance and support for establishment, enlargement or improvement of school, universities or other educational establishment. Through scholarship award, we hope to assist the poor and needy to realize their academic aspirations.

31 August 2015

Putrajaya Perdana Berhad Scholarship Awards 2015PUTRAJAYA PERDANA BERHAD ("PPB"), an investment holding company through its wholly-owned subsidiaries, PUTRA PERDANA CONSTRUCTION Sdn Bhd and PUTRA PERDANA DEVELOPMENT Sdn Bhd, has over the years designed, developed and built several billion Ringgit worth of prestigious commercial, residential and infrastructural projects in the country, especially in sustainable development.

29 May 2015

Maxis Scholarship of Excellence Award 2015The Maxis Scholarship for Excellence Awards is a scholarship programme that promotes excellence and has enabled talented young Malaysians to benefit from an education at some of the most prestigious universities. Since the programme was launched in 2005, Maxis has awarded scholarships to 244 Malaysians.

20 May 2015

Jeffrey Cheah Foundation 2015The Jeffrey Cheah Foundation and Sunway Group collaborate to offer young deserving Malaysians the opportunity to realise their dreams.

31 May 2015

Bursary Pelajar Cemerlang SPM 2015 Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia

Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia (KPM) menawarkan penajaan Bursary secara automatik kepada pelajar-pelajar cemerlang lepasan Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) Tahun 2014 yang mendapat keputusan cemerlang 9A+ dan ke atas bagi mengikuti pengajian peringkat persediaan di dalam negara sebelum melanjutkan pengajian di peringkat Ijazah Pertama di dalam atau luar negara.

4 Mac 2015 - 30 Jun 2015

Sunway Medical Centre Sponsorship for Diploma in NursingSunway Medical Centre Sponsorship for Diploma in Nursing for April/July 2015 intake.

30 June 2015

Universiti Malaysia Kelantan PTPTN 2015The National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN) was established under the Perbadanan Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi Nasional Act 1997 (Act 566) on 1st July 1997

1 July 2015

Nottingham Tinggi Foundation Scholarship 2015

The university is very fortunate to have the support of Tinggi Foundation which offers scholarships to deserving students. The scholarship is worth 50% of any undergraduate programme tuition fees and is open to first year, Malaysian students only. Applicants must demonstrate excellent academic ability and financial need.

21 September - 2 October 2015

SEGi Centre of Excellence (CoE) Scholarship 2015SEGi Centre of Excellence (CoE) Scholarship 2015 offering for Malaysian citizen, aged below 25 years and possess good results in SPM/ GCE A-Level/ STPM/ UEC or other equivalent qualifications.

30 June 2015

SEGi School Principal Scholarship 2015SEGi School Principal Scholarship 2015 offering for Malaysian citizen, aged below 20 years.

31 December 2015

SEGi Sports Scholarship 2015SEGi Sports Scholarship open to talented Malaysian athlete who participates at State or National level sporting events.

30 September 2015

SEGi ACE Scholarship 2015SEGi ACE Scholarship 2015 open to all SPM / O Level / SPTM / A-Level / UEC graduates.

30 December 2015

SEGi High Achiever's Scholarship 2015SEGi High Achiever's Scholarship (HAS) open to applicants below 25 years old and possess good results in SPM/ GCE A-Level/ STPM/ UEC or other equivalent qualifications.

30 June 2015

AIMST University Scholarship 2015AIMST grants scholarships and awards to deserving and academically excellent students in recognition of their interest and achievements as follows:

31 December 2015

UniSZA Scholarship 2015

Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin (UniSZA) offering scholarships/ financial aid for Bachelor's degree with CGPA 2.00 and above or equivalent.

Refer to University

University of Reading Malaysia High Achievers Scholarship 2015High Achievers Scholarship for all students who apply for any programme starting 2015 are eligible to apply. The scholarship recognises the achievement of academically excellent students.

31 December 2015

Yayasan Tan Sri Lee Shin Cheng Scholarship 2015Yayasan TSLSC is a non-profit organisation initiated by Tan Sri Lee Shin Cheng, the founder of the IOI Group - a large and reputable public-listed group. The three core industries of IOI Group are Oil Palm Plantation, Resource-based Manufacturing such as refineries, oleochemicals, and specialty oils and fats, as well as property development.

20 June - 20 July 2015

Human Life Advancement Foundation Science & Technology PhD & Post-Doctoral ScholarshipsThe Human Life Advancement Foundation (HLAF) is the newly established foundation active in the fields of the education, technology transfer and sustainable development in developing world.

15 June 2015

Lux International Diploma Entrance Scholarship 2015The Lux International Diploma Entrance Scholarship is opened to Malaysian students who would like to enroll in any of the Diploma programmes at Lux International College.

August & September Intake: 7 August 2015

Lux International Pre-U Entrance Scholarship 2015The Lux International Pre-U Entrance Scholarship is opened to Malaysian students who would like to enroll in the A-Level or Foundation Programme.

August & September Intake: 7 August 2015

CSM Scholar (Foundation) 2015CSM Scholarships for SPM High Achievers (Foundation) for Malaysian citizen who holding a Curtin Sarawak's Letter-of-offer to pursue Foundation Studies.

17 August 2015

CSM Scholar (Degree) 2015CSM Scholar (Degree) for Malaysian citizen and for full time enrolled student in Degree programmes at Curtin Sarawak.

15 August 2015

CSM Western-Australian Government Scholarship 2015 CSM Scholarships for SPM High Achievers (Foundation) for Malaysian citizen who enrolled in Bachelor of Commerce or Engineering commencing Final Year in Semester 1 2015.

30 September 2015

Chinese Independent Schools (UEC) Scholarship 2015 At The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus we recognise that top Chinese Independent Schools consistently produce some of the most academically excellent students in the country. In recognition of the high academic calibre of these students, we are proud to offer 2 full academic scholarships to individuals who have excelled in their United Examination Certificate (UEC) and wish to study an undergraduate course with us in our September 2015 intake.

31 July 2015

Sunway Excellence Scholarship-Actuarial Studies

Awarded to students with outstanding academic results who are interested to pursue their education in the BSc (Hons) Actuarial Studies programme

3 August 2015

Sunway University The Chancellors Scholarship

This scholarship is offered in the name of Tan Sri Dato' Seri Dr. Jeffrey Cheah, AO, Foundation Chancellor of Sunway University, and Sir Chris Bonington, Chancellor of Lancaster University.

3 August 2015

Victoria University of Wellington - Lee Foundation Grants

The Lee Foundation of Singapore makes awards annually to students from Singapore and Malaysia enrolled at this University, who are not permanent residents of New Zealand.

31 March 2016

ECM Libra Study Loan Programme

The study loan is interest free and bond free and covers full tuition fees and cost of living expenses.

31 December 2015

New Zealand-ASEAN Scholars Awards: Malaysia 2015

The New Zealand-ASEAN Scholars Awards seek to make a substantial contribution to ASEAN's development by providing opportunities for postgraduate study (i.e. Postgraduate Diploma, Master's degree and doctorate/PhD) in New Zealand.

31 July 2015

British Council IELTS Prize 2015

The British Council IELTS Prizes are awarded to high-calibre individuals with the motivation to develop their career, and who demonstrate the potential to contribute to society what they have gained from their undergraduate/postgraduate study experience locally or overseas.

31 May 2015

The University of Sheffield - Malaysia Merit Undergraduate Scholarships 2015There are two Malaysia Merit Undergraduate Scholarships available for Malaysian students.

26 June 2015

The University of Sheffield - Malaysia Merit Postgraduate Scholarships 2015There is one Malaysia Merit Postgraduate Scholarship 2015, available for a Malaysian student starting their postgraduate taught masters degree studies in September 2015.

26 June 2015

UC College of Engineering Malaysia Scholarship 2015

These scholarships recognise the ongoing relationship between the College and Malaysia, and support Malaysian students studying Engineering at the University of Canterbury. Up to 24 scholarships will be awarded annually: four Top Scholars Awards and 20 High Achievers Awards.

1 September 2015

QS Top UniversitiesAs part of our mission to provide information and access to universities and graduate programs, QS is delighted to offer US$1.7 million in scholarship funding to selected applicants who attend a QS World Grad School Tour event.Below are details about the scholarships currently available.

30 April 2015 - Grad Scholarship
31 May & 31 December 2015 - MBA Scholarship

Methodist College Kuala Lumpur Financial Aid 2015Awarded to students on a need basis, subject to minimum academic qualifications and financial background, and an interview process.

10 June 1015

Yayasan Bursa Malaysia Scholarship 2015The well-being of our nation depends on how we nurture the young. At Bursa Malaysia, we believe in giving a chance to those who dare to dream towards excellence. Through Yayasan Bursa Malaysia, the Exchange is offering scholarship programmes to qualified students who are applying for or studying in public universities in Malaysia.

21 May 2015

Hong Leong Undergraduate Scholarship Programme 2015The Undergraduate Scholarship has traditionally been the backbone of the Foundation—the primary reason the Foundation was first set up. Intended to benefit Malaysian students from low-income families, the Foundation believes that providing scholarships is about providing opportunities – giving a chance for students to have the higher education necessary to come into their own and be the next generation of leaders and captains of industries.

1 June 2015

Southampton Scholarships for Engineering Foundation Year 2015Here is the list of scholarships available at the University of Southampton Malaysia Campus. These scholarships are open to both Malaysian and non-Malaysian applicants.

Refer to the University

Southampton Scholarships for 2015Some applicants to the University of Southampton Malaysia Campus may be eligible for a scholarships. These are based on academic achievement and are open to both Malaysian and non-Malaysian applicants.

Refer to the University

Methodist College Kuala Lumpur Special Scholarships 2015Special Scholarships will be awarded to students

Not specified

Nilai University Scholarships

The goal of education is the same as the goal of life - to help students grow into intellectually and emotionally matured individuals. Parents are looking for an institution that can give their child academic excellence and at the same time, want their child to enjoy the learning experience. These two goals need not be achieved at the expense of the other because at Nilai University (Nilai U), learning and joy come together. We call this approach, Enrichment for Life (EFL), a philosophy that has been practised for more than a decade at Nilai University.


Nilai UC High Achiever Scholarship 2015Awarded to students with outstanding academic achievements / extra –curricular achievements


Nilai UC Full Scholarships 2015Awarded to financially deserving students


Nilai E.F.A. Education For All Financial Scheme 2015Awarded to financially deserving students


Heriot-Watt Financial Hardship Scholarships 2015Applicable for Foundation & Undergraduate programmes only

Foundation: April & July
Undergraduate: September

Heriot-Watt University Malaysia Scholarships 2015

There is a wide range of finance available to support the cost of studying at Heriot-Watt University Malaysia.

Refer Website

Sunway College Special Scholarship 2016 The Sunway College Special Scholarship 2016 is a special programme dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in academia and extra-curricular activities (ECA). We are looking for students who are all-rounders so selection will be based on both academic merits and ECA performance.


Dana Pendidikan Karangkraf

Kumpulan Media Karangkraf (KMK) menyediakan program penajaan biasiswa kepada pelajar-pelajar IPT Swasta bagi melanjutkan pengajian mereka di peringkat Asasi, Diploma dan Ijazah Pertama.

Sila layari laman sesawang

IUKL Sports Excellence Scholarship 2015This scholarship offered as a reward to students with outstanding sports achievement at the state and national level.


International Medical University Foundation in Science Scholarship (FIS) 2015International Medical University Foundation in Science Scholarship (FIS) is eligible for Malaysian and international students.

Refer to University

Intel Malaysia Scholarship

Intel Malaysia grants scholarships every year to outstanding talents from various local and private universities throughout the country.


TAR UC Merit Scholarship 2015

Tunku Abdul Rahman University College (UC) Scholarship open to applicants who possess good results in SPM, STPM & UEC or other equivalent qualifications.

Based on Intake Dates

The Vice Chancellor's NUMed Merit Awards 2015Each year, progression awards are awarded to those of our students who have achieved academic distinction in their previous year of study.


LUC Scholarship Fund 2015Scholarships/Financial Aid are available for Foundation Studies, Medical, B.Pharmacy and All MBA programmes


International Medical College 150 Sponsorships for Diploma in Nursing 2015International Medical College has 150 full hospital sponsorships for Diploma in Nursing for 2015.


Erican College Academic Excellence Scholarship 2015This scholarship is offered to students with outstanding SPM results who would like to pursue their undergraduate studies.


KLK Scholarship 2015Yayasan KLK, a foundation established by KLK, offers scholarships to high-achieving young Malaysians who are studying or have gained a place at any local government universities. Upon graduation, scholars may be offered the opportunity to work in KLK or its business units.


Binary Future Graduate Scholarship 2015In conjuction with our 30th Anniversary, Binary College is providing Malaysian students with a scholarship worth of RM10,000 each under the Binary Future Graduate (BFG) scholarship program to pursue Diploma and Degree courses at Binary College in the following disciplines:


IUKL Scholarship 2015

IUKL offers the following scholarships to deserving high performing Malaysian students.


Taylor's University - Tertiary Merit Scholarship 2015

Being a graduate does not mean you will get the job. As reported by Jobstreet Malaysia in 2013, 50% of Malaysian graduates are unemployed. However, you can beat the odds by equipping yourself with the criteria employers look for in a graduate - the 5Cs.


Digital Home Lab Postgraduate Scholarship (Research Officer) Openings

A research project in collaboration with MIMOS entitled GPGPU Accelerated Video Analytic Algorithm Parallelization Enabling Massive Image Data Processing is looking for two postgraduate research officers.


Taylor's University UEC Golden Virtues Award 2015

Taylor's University has tailor-made a special programme for UEC candidates through the UEC Golden Virtues Award. Candidates from Chinese Independent High Schools with UEC qualification can now register for this special award offered by Taylor's University.


Taylor’s University The Edge Award 2015 As a reputable educational institution, we at Taylor's believe it is important to nurture students that are destined to be leaders with impeccable academics and the 5Cs (Collaboration, Creativity & Innovation, Critical Thinking & Problem Solving, Communication, and Cultural Adaptation).


INTI Secondary School Teacher Recognition Award 2015

Either parent must be currently teaching in any government, private or Chinese Independent Secondary School (includes principals, deputy principals and counselors).

Based on Intake Dates

INTI-Laureate Merit Scholarship 2015

Offers scholarships to students with outstanding academic performance.

Based on Intake Dates

INTI Tertiary Scholarship 2015

Candidates with special talent - Possess special talents such as singing, dancing, acting, playing musical instruments, drawing etc. & Strong record of leadership.

Based on Intake Dates

INTI Family Loyalty Award 2015

This scholarship is to new students who have siblings currently studying at INTI or have a sibling who is an INTI Alumni`s.

Based on Intake Dates

INTI Sports X-cellence Scholarship 2015

This scholarship is for State or national players in various sports, who meet the entry requirement for each individual programmes.

Based on Intake Dates

INTI Leadership X-cellence Scholarship 2015

Those with strong leadership qualities and have been actively serving in their schools and community are eligible to apply for this scholarship.

Based on Intakes Dates

INTI Chairman Scholarship 2015

This scholarship is for Bumiputera Malaysian citizens who fulfills the entry requirement.

Based on Intake Dates

Yayasan Peneraju Skil – Jurukimpal Program pertama yang dilancarkan di bawah teras Peneraju Skil ini adalah Peneraju Skil – Jurukimpal dengan tujuan untuk meningkatkan kuantiti dan kualiti jurukimpal Bumiputera di sektor minyak dan gas melalui pensijilan 6G GTAW/ SMAW or 3G FCAW dengan Welder Qualification Test (WQT).


KBU International Scholarship 2015The KBU International Scholarship 2015 is valid for the Diploma & Degree Programmes.


KBU Founders Scholarship 2015KBU Founder's Scholarship 2015 (Chinese Independent High School Principal Scholarship) is dedicated for the current SM3 students who excelled in the Unified Examination Certificate (UEC) examinations. The application is open for entry to any diploma and degree programmes at KBU:


KBU Merit Scholarships 2015

Students may use their forecast results to apply for the JAN 2015 intake.


KDU - Bursaries There are various types of education funds available for Malaysian students to help them meet the cost of higher education. At KDU University College, discounts for staff and students are also available.


Professional Accountancy Centre (PAC) Scholarships 2015PAC Scholarship is a special arrangement for students who want to excel in the accountancy profession. The scholarship is awarded to students who pursue CAT/ACCA programmes in KDU University College.


KDU - Discounts AlumniKDU University College provides discounts to various categories including alumni and continuing students, students who graduate from Sri KDU as well as for siblings.


KDU High Achievers Scholarship 2015The KDU High Achievers Scholarship for 2015 is valid for the Foundation Programmes.


Driving Dreams Scholarship 2015

The Driving Dreams Scholarship for 2015 is valid for the Pre-University & ADP, Foundation, Diploma and Degree Programmes.


Vice Chancellor Scholarship 2015The Vice Chancellor Scholarship for 2015 is valid for the ADP, Diploma and Degree Programmes.


KDU - Study GrantsThe KDU Study Grants for 2015


KDU High Achievers Tertiary Scholarship 2015The KDU High Achievers Tertiary Scholarship for 2015 is valid for the Pre-University & ADP, Foundation, Diploma and Degree Programmes.


KDU ‘A’ Award 2015The KDU 'A' Award for 2015 is valid for the Pre-University & ADP, Foundation, Diploma and Degree Programmes.


Teo Soo Pin Scholarship 2015The Teo Soo Pin Scholarship for 2015 is valid for the Pre-University & ADP, Foundation, Diploma and Degree Programmes.


OYL MALAYSIA SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM OYL Group comprises of AAF International, J&E Hall and OYLM Group. OYL Group has manufacturing facilities in 10 countries and marketing offices in 18 countries. Our products are marketed in more than 100 countries.


IACT Achievers’ Award 2015• All SPM and O level students
• Those with a minimum of 1A
• Open to students of all nationalities in public, private and international schools in Malaysia


IACT Top Achievers’ Scholarship 2015All SPM and O level students
• Those with a minimum of 4As'
• Open to students of all nationalities in public, private and international schools in Malaysia


Southern Sunshine ScholarshipThe Southern Sunshine Scholarship (SSS) program is a joint initiative by the ESIT Program Office and the participating finest ESIT Consortium universities. To facilitate international talent mobility, ESIT coordinates scholarship programs such as Vietnam Elite Study in Taiwan (VEST) and Southern Sunshine Scholarship, which are designed for the candidates from Southeast and South Asia region who are interested in coming to Taiwan to pursue their advanced degrees.Before late March for Fall semester admission and late October for Spring semester admission.

Skim Latihan 1 Malaysia (SL1M) is one of Maybank Group’s Corporate Responsibility programmes in support of the Government’s initiatives to enhance the employability of unemployed graduates.


UTAR Undergraduate Research Scheme (URS)

Attention all UTAR undergraduate students! UTAR URS is a scheme in which UTAR undergraduates can systematically undergo a structured programme designed to expose and train them in various aspects of research project implementation.


1MCA Education Loan Scheme

The founding objective of KOJADI is to pool the resources among its members for mutual benefits. Prompt repayment of the loan will enable KOJADI to give similar financial aid to other members for further study.


Scholarship Explained

Buying for your higher education

A college or university education is one of the most important purchases you (or your parents!) will ever make. This section on Scholarships serves to assist you in finding the most viable means to finance your higher education.

What is education financing?

Education financing is any type of assistance used to pay your college or university fees. There are basically four main types of financing:

  • Scholarship Awards
    This type of aid is also called a GIFT AID, as you are not required to repay the organisation which provides the award. Most scholarships are from government bodies and private colleges/universities.
  • Education Funds
    Scholarships or loans provided by the Government / foundation / private educational institutions / financial institutions to reduce the burden of financing a student's education expenses, whether locally or overseas.
  • Unit Trusts & Insurance Schemes
    These are typically investment schemes that parents undertake for several years to secure financial funding for their child's higher education.
  • Loans
    Loans are financial obligations that must be repaid. Loans are mostly provided by private sector or government bodies.

Financing for Higher Education

The cost of tertiary education does not come cheap, but it is a lifetime investment for your future. Therefore whether your parents can afford your entire or partial cost of tertiary education, you are advised to go through this pathway in order to be competitive in your career advancement. If your family cannot afford the cost, you may work while studying part-time or look for some forms of scholarship, study grant, loan or other sources of financial aid to help you to pay for your education.

Read the article on Scholarships & Study Loans for Higher Education here.