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Student Testimonials

Sunway University

Canadian Matriculation Programme
"The education system is good and it is recognised internationally." Life in Malaysia is good, especially being a foreigner. People make you feel at home. The people here are really helpful and friendly. The food here is really good. It reminds me of my mum’s cooking. I learn about the different cultures and beliefs. I love the tasty chicken of Malaysia and the Malaysian slang. Malaysia is a multicultural country. I like to learn about the different cultures and beliefs. Life in Sunway Collge is good. There are so many International students. The college offers a wide range of international programs e.g. WMU, CMP . The college looks upon the welfare of international students by picking them up on their first arrival to the country, accommodating them and counselling the students. It also organises trips, clubs, activities and helps the students in getting along with each other. It also helps in giving information e.g. banking, shopping, etc. The education system is good and it is recognised internationally. Although many students say that CMP carries a lot of assignment , nothing is easy as "hard work is the key to success". I like the CMP system - course work (70%) and project (30%) which are added up in the finals and crediting system. The teachers are really friendly. They make work easier and interesting, thereby making the students more confident in their studies. The CMP program offers a variety of subjects and one is allowed to choose the subject he/she wants.

Bui Huyen My, Vietnam
Sunway University College is known to be among the best private institutions in Malaysia. The standards of education can be compared to those in western countries. Teaching methods are exceptionally good and the infrastructure and facilities of the university are excellent.

Studying in Sunway has been more than just an educational experience. I was inspired by the warm and hospitable environment of the university. I certainly hope that many students will take advantage of the education opportunities at Sunway University College.

FELECIA TANIA ( Indonesia)
Canadian Matriculation Programme
"The system of education in CMP is good." Things in Malaysia are just great - the people , food, culture and even the school . I can say that the people here are well educated. Outside of school, they learn from the well- mannered community. As Malaysia is a multiracial country, people can learn from each other more and learn to respect each other. But what I like most from Malaysia is the Indian food. I’ve tasted varieties of food and am going to try more. People here are also friendly. I live in Sunway College’s Hostel. It is exciting for me as I have never tasted a university life before. Although I’m only a pre-university student, it seems like I’m one of the (university students). Besides my school life, I take part in students’ activities where we learn how to work together. The clubs enable us to improve ourselves in things that we enjoy. The system of education in CMP is good. The teachers are helpful. They know how to approach the students’ mind and get their interest in such away that the students don’t feel uneasy. The courses are excellent. They are well designed –with theory and practice. We are given a lot of homework and assignments to help us to improve and do well. But then, I realised that the main point is to learn something for the future.

Jeff Lee Hyun Ho, Seoul, Korea
Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management, 2 ½ years
After graduating from my high school, I was looking for a hospitality course in a few colleges and found out that Sunway University College provides the best facilities to students. The university college has a fine-dining room, three kitchens, mock hotel setups such as a front office, hotel room, and a deli all placed within the campus. Another reason for choosing Sunway University College is that the college has ties with many other universities overseas giving us a wide range of institutions to choose from when looking to further our studies. I have no regrets coming here and am happy to have made the right choice with Sunway.

Leow Yin Yin and Henry Phua Chye Chun
Western Michigan University Programme
We feel that Sunway College, and in particular the WMU programme, is wonderful because it offers a different kind of approach to academic. After SPM, this was refreshing. We prefer to be constantly challenged with practical projects and continuous assessments. Also, the teachers on our course are very inspiring and try very hard to make the subjects appealing to all of us. Professor Pippen, the Resident Director for WMU, is like everybody's best friend and confidant. Sunway College is a nice place to study and live (hostel) for the atmosphere here is not only academic friendly but also clean. There are plenty of books and computers available to us at all times and therefore studying is made a priority. All in all, we will never forget our time here.

Ma Shue, Shanghai, China
Canadian International Matriculation Program
Sunway University College is one of the best I have been to. Teachers are friendly here. I have met so many Malaysian and international students. The staff is also very friendly and helpful. Living in the on-campus hostels is the best choice because it is very safe and clean. I would recommend Sunway to all my friends in China.

May Moe Wah, Myanmar
Victoria University Twinning

I would recommend Sunway College for four main reasons. Firstly they offer world-class degrees from various countries with various majors providing many choices for our future career. Secondly, this is convenient place to study due to the hostels, library, cafeteria and food courts nearby. Thirdly, you can enjoy participating in various sports, clubs and societies. And lastly, people here are friendly and helpful.

Muhammad Hafiz, Noor Mohd Fadzli, Mohd Shaufi, Faris bin Ibrahim, Hasanuddin bin Hasan, Kamaluddin bin Zakaria and Ariff Azhari
Australian Matriculation Programme
As JPS(Petronas) Scholars, we could have been sent to any private / public college in Malaysia. After speaking to the others of our batch (those who were sent to other colleges) we are very, very glad that we are here at Sunway College. First of all, the college campus is beautiful. Not only are the hostels clean, but they also provide halal food and prayer rooms for us, Muslim students. As there are so many different courses available here, the student's population consists of many nationalities and this is very appealing especially when one wants to go overseas eventually to further their studies. It prepares us for overseas education in the future.

Nguyen Thi Hong Loan, Vietnam
Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism Management

I enjoy studying here because the lecturers are good to me especially since they know I am an international student. They always ask me if I am OK and try to find out if I understand the courses. If not, they would always offer to give me extra guidance or explain the lessons again. This has helped me improve my studies. Our course provides a lot of training in practical classes, workshops and supervised working experience.

NOE. R. MOLEKO [Lesotho, Africa)
Canadian Matriculation Programme
"CMP is a very good programme to be in because it is recognised internationally." From my experience, I find that life in Malaysia has made me feel at home. It has given me a sense of belonging. The local people are quite friendly and helpful. The food is good since there is a wide variety of dishes available from different cultures. I guess I can say that the culture here is very rich, colourful and exotic. College life in Sunway is quite an interesting experience. Living on your own in the hostel teaches one to be more independent, more responsible and you also learn to manage your time well. Getting to meet and mingle with the international students is interesting and fun since you get to learn about other different cultures. CMP is a very good programme to be in because it is recognised internationally. It offers a wide variety of subjects. 100% of your end of the term grade does not depend on the exams. CMP requires a lot of hard work. However, it depends on the individual to work to the best of their ability and put in as much effort as he can. Life is not a bed of roses, so in order to succeed and become a somebody, one must work hard in order to enjoy the fruits of his hard work. So far, I am enjoying this program and do not regret joining it.

Redwan Ali Al-Maqlah, Yemen
Bachelor of Business,Victoria University
I was thinking that I would study in London, where my brother is. But my best friends were already in Malaysia, studying at Sunway College, and they advised me to come here too because they found there were many good things here. They said that this was the perfect place to study because of the choice of courses, and also they found the academic staff knowledgeable, professional and helpful. In addition, they said that there was good accommodation available and that the course fees were reasonable. After all that, I was persuaded to choose Malaysia and Sunway College, and it is one decision that I don’t think that I will ever regret.

Said Abdullah Esay, Kenya
IT (National Computing Centre / Greenwich University)
The moment I stepped into Sunway College, I could feel that a new life had just begun. Sunway is such a happening place. I came here feeling very young and very awkward - I was a mere boy - but now I am a man - a person who is capable of standing on his own two feet! The staff at the Student Services Centre have been just great; they are like family members. At Sunway, I find myself surrounded by happy people, and this just makes me happy too. “Studying at Sunway has made my chances of studying abroad more easy. I get to complete my degree here, and that degree is from Greenwich University.

Santi Baran, Thailand
BSc in Computer Science (Western Michigan University)
Learning is a dynamic process of accomplishment and exploration that lasts a lifetime. However, what creates a successful individual is not the institution or a university, but rather the aspiration, ambition and energy that dwells within the individual. Individuals have to motivate and push themselves in order to achieve success. But universities with good and reliable facilities and a professional staff can help to motivate individuals to aspire and achieve success. I urge you to come and see for yourself the real thing at my university.

Selenge Narantsogt, Mongolia
Bachelor of Business (3+0), twinning with Victoria University, Australia, 3 Years
Sunway University College offers a high standard of teaching, excellent facilities and a conducive environment especially for international students.

All my lecturers and classmates are great, so I would happily recommend to anyone from all over the world to come to Sunway University College to explore the great experience.

Warathongthai Udompong, Bangkok, Thailand
Canadian International Matriculation Program

I heard about Sunway College’s reputation from a friend who had graduated. I heard about the excellent facilities and that I would not be disappointed if I decided to join Sunway College. In my program I have 15 choices of subjects to study and I find the quality of lecturers to be very high. The college is also very stable, academically and financially. In addition the sight of the college and its surroundings are fantastic.